We use MUMmer to generate those comparison files. Scripts available at our free 
public galaxy instance (http://galaxy.wur.nl) can convert those for you to 
readable files for ACT. Like WebACT does...
Look in the tool section WUR-tools::MUMmer/Artemis. You may find some more 
handy things over there.


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Verzonden: woensdag 12 augustus 2015 14:14
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Onderwerp: [Artemis-users] Best way to produce the ACT crunch file?

What is the best way to generate a good comparison crunch file for ACT? 
The manual is not very helpful. I tried using WebACT but I do not get any 
output from it. MSPCrunch also did not work well. tblastx works well but the 
hits are fragmented. Do you know of any tblastx parameters that I can tweak to 
get more "broad" hits. Also, I want to compare two multi-FASTA files ( indexed 
by faidx) with associated gff files (indexed by tabix), so is it possible to 
create a similar indexed crunch file between them?

Abhinay Ramaprasad
PhD Candidate
Pathogen Genomics Laboratory (Dr. Arnab Pain) KAUST


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