On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 09:35 AM, Jonathan Mizrahi wrote:
Thanks! I assume this is the part I need to buy?


The ARTIQ manual doesn't say anything about removing and replacing the
J65 jumper, which the kc705 manual talks about (p. 74). Is this unnecessary?

No. The technique described in the manual is for when the FPGA reprograms dynamically the power chip. Since we didn't want to bother with the details of programming proprietary TI power chips, we used a different technique that requires only existing software and hardware. The proposed technique will permanently program the TI chip to output 3.3V, without FPGA intervention.

Also, are all of the I/O pins on the FMC connectors in HR banks (and
thus able to go to 3.3 V)?

IIRC yes, all HP banks go to on-board peripherals (mostly the SDRAM), and it would not be smart if reprogramming the FMC voltage only changed it for some of the pins. You can check using the schematics.

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