I am new to working with FPGAs, so sorry if this is a very simple question. I 
am working with a Pipistrello FPGA board, which is being controlled by ARTIQ. 
Using ARTIQ, I have configured a device_db.pyon file for TTL outputs (following 
the steps from 
<https://m-labs.hk/artiq/manual-release-2/core_device.html#pipistrello>), and 
have written a simple program that will pulse some of the TTL outputs. I am 
attempting to measure the output using an oscilloscope, but I am having trouble 
with figuring out where the actual output is on the board. After searching 
online, I have not found any decent documentation regarding what the different 
channels on the board represent, or which ports are used for what.

Any help with finding a resource that details the outputs of the board, or 
simply a tip on where to look for these TTL pulses on the board would be 
greatly appreciated!

- Aaron
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