Dear all,

The first artiq hardware is now available to buy!

You can now buy the following boards (fully populated and tested, complete with 
aluminium front panels):


See for more info about these boards.

Note that all hardware is currently in the v2 prototype stage, so (hopefully 
minor) changes are expected for the final revision. Changes are tracked on the 
Sinara GitHub project.

Currently, the supplier is TechnoSystem, who accept PayPal or purchase orders. 
Email Wojciech Niedźwiedź 
copying in Grzegorz Kasprowicz <<>> 
to get a quote. In future, there will be an online webshop to make purchasing 
easier. Lead time is currently around 3 weeks, but should get quicker when 
everyone’s back from their August holidays.

Thanks again to Greg and his team for all the work they’ve put into this.



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