On Sat, Aug 11, 2018 at 12:12 PM Thomas Harty
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> - Moninj: Chris B/David N will be able to give a better-informed view on this 
> than me, but my feeling is that moninj isn't actually that useful for the 
> SAWG. What would SAWG moninj include? Leaving aside the work/funding required 
> to implement sawg moninj, is it likely to be a problem in terms of resource 
> consumption/timing closure?

I would expect it to include monitoring and injection of all
parameters (9 + 1 cfg currently) of each SAWG channel.
In any reasonable implementation it is likely going to be
resource-hungry and routing-intensive without scalable moninj (#676).

> - External modulation (#801): I'm not sure I fully understand what this 
> proposal is. Can you give some details about what this would do and why it 
> would be needed, please?

You'll have to ask Joe et al. for the proposal and plan. But it could
well be that it has become completely irrelevant.

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