Thanks for integrating the code into the ARTS repository. I’m currently working 
on enhancements that I would like to add in the future, so I’ll let you know 
when I am ready to commit them. I also want to come up with a simplified test, 
and some documentation, but that might take a little while.


On Jan 10, 2017, at 9:22 AM, Oliver Lemke <oliver.le...@uni-hamburg.de> wrote:

Hi Ian,

I've committed your patch in arts-2-3-588. Thanks a lot for your contribution.

If you have any additions/fixes in the future, we'd be happy to give you commit 
permissions for the repository.  Just let me know and I'll setup an account for 


> On 22 Dec 2016, at 19:06, Ian S. Adams <ian.ad...@nrl.navy.mil> wrote:
> Oliver,
> The ARTS SVN revision number is 10107. I did not include the patch file since 
> I have introduced newer code into ARTS that I am not ready to commit yet.
> Thanks,
> Ian
> On Dec 22, 2016, at 7:37 AM, Oliver Lemke <oliver.le...@uni-hamburg.de> wrote:
> Hi Ian,
> Great to see that adding the Radar Monte Carlo code worked out so well. I'd 
> be happy to commit your code to the ARTS repository. But I won't manage 
> before January as I'm on vacation from tomorrow until January 5.
> To make it easier for me to commit the changes, could you please provide them 
> as a patch file? You can create it by running 'svn diff > radar.patch' in the 
> top-level arts directory. Alternatively, let me know on which exact ARTS SVN 
> revision number the files you provided are based upon (run 'svn info | grep 
> Revision' in the arts directory).
> This way I can apply the changes cleanly and don't accidentally revert 
> anything that has changed in the meantime.
> Thanks for helping to push ARTS forward!
> Happy Holidays,
> Oliver
>> On 21 Dec 2016, at 21:27, Ian S. Adams <ian.ad...@nrl.navy.mil> wrote:
>> Dear ARTS Developers,
>> Attached is the Monte Carlo code for solving the radiative transfer equation 
>> for a profiling weather radar. In developing the radar module, I expanded 
>> the functionality within mc_radar to rotate from the antenna frame to the 
>> ARTS reference frame used for radiative transfer calculations. This includes 
>> functionality to rotate the polarization basis to (and from for propagation 
>> away from the radar) the antenna boresight polarization basis. A README 
>> document accompanies the the code further explaining the additions.
>> Cheers,
>> Ian
>> <montecarlo_changes.tgz>
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