Hi all,

This is only relevant if you are using particle_bulkprop_field and PSDs.

Some comments as I have made a commit that will give a crash if you are using any PSD method, as well as a few features were added:

Most importantly, pnd_size_gridFromScatMeta and MassSizeParamsFromScatMeta are removed.
Replaced with ScatSpeciesSizeMassInfo.

The new WSM sets three variables: scat_species_x, scat_species_a and scat_species. x refers to "size descriptor", that can be either mass, any diameter or area. The other two specify mass as

mass = a*x^b

This expression is applied even if x represents mass!

An example on a PSD definition using the new stuff:

ArrayOfAgendaAppend( pnd_agenda_array ){
ScatSpeciesSizeMassInfo( species_index=agenda_array_index, x_unit="dveq", do_only_x=1 )
  Copy( psd_size_grid, scat_species_x )
  Copy( pnd_size_grid, scat_species_x )
  psdMH97( t_min = 10, t_max = phase_tlim, t_min_psd = 210 )

If the PSD is using a and b, the first WSM call in the agenda should look a bit different, e.g.:

ScatSpeciesSizeMassInfo( species_index=agenda_array_index, x_unit="dmax", x_fit_start=100e-6, x_fit_end=1 )


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