So those tests should have been commented out during this 'intermission'
> but were forgot.  I understand.

no, i don't think so. if commented out, they will be forgotten. we just
live with a broken (slow) test case for a bit... (it's all iyRadioLink
references. Not sure what is Patrick's mid-term plan about that. Leave that
to fix for him in any case.).

>         76) Ptype value (20) is wrong.It must be (... 20 is in the list
>>> ...)
>>>         87) Ptype value (20) is wrong.It must be (... 20 is in the list
>>> ...)
>>>         Since this is unrelated to my change, I will ignore this but
>>> someone
>>>         should investigate...
>> 76) and 87), i guess, have to do with changes i recently made to ptype
>> enum tags. i'll have a look and fix that.
had a look at those two. they run fine here. i guess you haven't updated
your arts-xml-data.


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