I have a new version of ARTS that includes v3.2.0 of the MT-CKD H2O continua, 
implemented by Emma Turner that I'd like to check in to the subversion 
repository. How do I get a username and password to do this?

Also, the changes have broken the (slow) test 
arts.ctlfile.xmldata.artscomponents.clearsky.TestClearSkyTips as there is no 
corresponding entry in arts-xml-data/spectroscopy/PartitionSums/TIPS/tips.xml  
file. Should this file be edited by hand (and submitted as a new version of 
arts-xml-data), or is it autogenerated somehow? I'm guessing that 
arts-xml-data/spectroscopy/PartitionSums/VIBROT/vibrot.xml also needs to be 
changed, although there are no tests for that.


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