Hi Stuart,

Thanks for your input and sorry for the late reply, just got back to the office.

As Jana  mentioned, most of us use the Matlab interface, hence we haven't 
detected this specific issue so far.

Apart from the Zenodo repository, we have one on a ftp-server in Hamburg. I 
just checked the ARTS website and found that it's not linked anywhere yet. 
Currently it doesn't matter, because there's is currently no newer version than 
the Zenodo one yet anyway.

I'll have a look at your changes Stuart and make sure that those are available 
in a new version, accessible from the ARTS homepage. I'm no Python expert, but 
I have others I can consult.

Best regards,

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Hi Stuart,

I guess, it's me to blame here. I did some testing, but obviously not 
exhaustive (enough) ;)
Maybe it went unnoticed since there is a also matlab version of this, and maybe 
everyone who applied the method so far has used matlab. (at least Patrick. Who 
surely used the interpolation routine. But very likely in matlab.)

Back when we developed this, we had an internal repository, which likely still 
exists, but I don't think there is a semi-public one like for ARTS and other 
ARTS-related tools. Yet. Could be a good thing to have, but that's up to 
Patrick and /or Stefan to decide and initiate.
Would likely be good, if your changes are at least put into the internal 
repository. But I have to leave that to others of the ARTS-DB project group.

Best wishes,

On Fri, Aug 9, 2019 at 11:10 AM Fox, Stuart 
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Hi developers,

I’ve been trying to use the Python assp methods (downloaded from the Zenodo 
link) to work with some single scattering data. Specifically, I have been 
trying to use assp.assp_interp_size to interpolate some optical properties onto 
a common size grid. However, there seems to be a number of bugs and typos in 
the code which mean that it doesn’t run.

I think I’ve fixed the code so that it “works” (attached). However, I’m curious 
to know if anyone has actually used this method before, and if there are any 
potential pitfalls I should be aware of? Is there a repository anywhere for the 
database interfaces for up-to-date versions etc?

I also had to make some changes to typhon to get things running – see 



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