Hi all,

I would like to add some further PSD options to ARTS (specifically ones for 
rain and graupel that are consistent with the single-moment schemes used in the 
Met Office NWP model). I will be making use of them by defining hydrometeor 
mass density fields and then using pnd_fieldCalcFromscat_speciesFields.

However, I'm a little bit confused as to the correct way to implement these 
(and there appears to be incomplete implementations of some of the existing 
options e.g. Abel & Boutle 2012 for rain, which happens to be one of the ones 
I'd like to use). The guidance in the arts developer guide also doesn't seem to 
follow what's actually in the code for some cases.

So far I have:

-          added logic to pnd_fieldCalcFromscat_speciesFields to call 
pnd_fieldXXX for each of the new parametrizations

-          updated the documentation for pnd_fieldCalcFromscat_speciesFields in 
methods.cc to include the new parametrizations

-          added new pnd_fieldXXX function to microphysics.cc (not cloudbox.cc 
as suggested by the developer guide) to calculate the pnd field according to 
the raw PSD function psd_XXX and the scattering meta-data (and added this to 
microphysics.h as well)

-          added new "raw" psd calculation psd_XXX to psd.cc
This seems to be all that is required to make my use-case work, but I can see 
that it is not quite complete. In particular, I believe that I should add a new 
workspace method dNdD_XXX to allow a direct calculation of the raw PSD. Should 
this go in m_microphysics.cc (and be added to methods.cc)? This seems to be 
where other ones are, but again the developer guide suggests it should be in 

What is the purpose of the psd_XXX functions in m_psd.cc? Are these also 

Thanks for your help,


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