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> Dear,
> Could you tell me the available two-moment PSDs schemes for ice and snow in 
> the latest ARTS 2.3? I found a clue in the 'scat_species' in the built-in 
> documentation server saying that "For currently possible PSDs see 
> pnd_fieldCalcFromParticleBulkProps", but no specific PSD instruction can be 
> found in the new link.  I once used the  IWC-S2M_M, but it seems to be no 
> longer accessible.

All workspace methods to calculate PSD schemes have a name starting with "psd". 
psdSeifertBeheng06 and psdMilbrandtYau05 are two schemes that support ice and 
snow. Not sure if there are any more, but maybe someone more familiar with PSDs 
can chime in.

> By the way, is it possible to download the previous ARTS 2,3 version? That 
> would be greatly helpful since some of my codes run well in the older one.

You can use 'git checkout COMMIT_ID' in your working copy to go back to any old 
version. You find the COMMIT_ID above each log entry in 'git log'. With 'git 
checkout master' you can get back to the latest version.

> I appreciate your answers in advance. Have a great day!


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