Hello all,

Thanks for all the work on the line cutoff behaviour in the latest version of 
ARTS! However,I'm still struggling to reproduce the absorption line behaviour 
between v2.3.1277 and v2.5 even after the latest work on the line cutoff from 
Richard. In fact, even without a line cutoff there still seems to be 
differences caused by (i) the interaction between a line normalization factor 
(e.g. VVH) and the line pressure shift, and (ii) the treatment of mirror lines.

A simple example of (i) using only a single water vapour line with a Lorentz 
profile and VVH pre-factor can be found here, with differences up to about 

For (ii), if I set the normalization to None but add the mirror lines (with the 
SameAsLineShape option) I get differences of 0.001K in this test, but much 
larger values in a more realistic case with more lines (0.5-0.6K below 100GHz).

I've no idea which version is more correct, but it would be nice to understand 
the causes of these variations!

Thanks for all your help,


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