Assuming you are using pyarts, you find documentation here:


See especially point 3 under __init__.

For completeness, if using xarray here is another option:




On 2024-01-18 17:21, leopio.dadde...@artov.isac.cnr.it wrote:
Dear Patrick,

many thanks for your reply. Anyway, Ithink I was not too clear. I am working with matrix skin temperature (as well as for wind at 10 m or land/ocean mask). I read both skin temperature and wind from ERA5 data, so the data change according to my needs (obviously, the land/ocean mask is always the same). Your code is designed only for scalar constant skin temperature value. Is it correct?

Leo Pio

Dear Leo Pio,

Below, you find Python code that you can use if you are working with scalar skin_temperatures. Otherwise, I assume this is enough for you to make a more general method.



def GriddedField2GloballyConstant(
    ws: Workspace,
    name: str,
    value: float,
) -> None:
    Sets a WSV of type GriddedField2Create to hold a constant value.

    The WSV is assumed to represent geographical data, and the dimensions are set
    to Latitude and Longitude. The data are defined to cover the complete

    :param ws:     Workspace.
    :param name:   Name of WSV to fill.
    :param value:  Fill value.

    gf2 = pa.GriddedField2()
    gf2.gridnames = ["Latitude", "Longitude"]
    gf2.grids = [np.array([-90, 90]), np.array([-180, 360])]
    gf2.data = np.full((2, 2), value)
    gf2.name = "Generated by easy arts function gf2_constant_set"
    setattr(ws, name, gf2)

On 2024-01-17 10:08, leopio.dadde...@artov.isac.cnr.it wrote:
Dear ARTS community,

within my simulation, I am setting the surface properties. In particular, when I use Tessem and Telsem model to calculate emissivity and reflectivity of ocean and land, respectively, I need as input the wind at 10m, the skin temperature, a land/ocean mask (among the others). I read these variable from NetCDF files using python (i.e. NetCDF4 and Numpy). In the related agenda, I use "InterpGriddedField2ToPosition" which requires a "GriddedField2" variable (i.e. skin temperature, or wind) as input. To create this variable, I do the following (for instance eith skin temperature):


At this point, I get the following error:
"Could not convert input [here there are the values of the skin temperature matrix] to expected group GriddedField2."

Where am I wrong? "Copy" is a method to fill a GriddedField2 variable.

I hope I was clear, any help is welcomed. Thanks.

Leo Pio

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