Dear radiation-enthusiasts,

we have already received a good number of registrations, but still have some 
free places left. So, we decided to extend the registration deadline by two 
weeks, to March 14. The plan is that on March 15 we convenors will sit together 
and draft the program, based on the contributions that we have received by 
then. Here is the registration link again: .

Best wishes,


On 30 Jan 2024, at 10:11, Stefan Buehler wrote:

> Dear all,
> summer 2024 is drawing closer, and so is the highlight of this summer, the 
> ARTS radiative transfer workshop at Kristineberg research station, on the 
> Swedish west coast.
> The workshop will be on June 4-7, 2024 (from noon to noon). The target 
> audience are users and developers of the atmospheric radiative transfer 
> simulator ARTS, and also anyone interested in spectroscopy or radiation that 
> can give us new impulses.
> Anticipated topics are:
> Gas absorption
> Scattering
> Surface interaction
> The shortwave side of things (since this is new in ARTS)
> ARTS applications
> New sensors
> We anticipate that there will be dedicated talks sessions on these topics, 
> plus posters, and also space for informal discussion and practical help with 
> ARTS. Please indicate your contribution(s) with the registration, we will 
> then compile an explicit agenda.
> Some practicalities:
> There will be a free bus transfer from Göteborg on June 4 at 10:00, and back 
> to Göteborg on June 7, arriving approximately at 15:00. The workshop fee is 
> around 460€ all inclusive if you stay at the research station, and 
> approximately 280€ (including lunch and dinner) if you stay at one of the 
> nearby hotels (plus the cost of the hotel). You pay the fee directly to the 
> research station's staff (only card payment). The number of participants is 
> limited to 50, due to the size of the bus, and the number of beds at the 
> research station itself is limited to 45, so register soon if you want to 
> take part!
> Note also that there are only a few single rooms at the research station, so 
> most people staying on-site will have to share a double room. The 
> registration form allows you to indicate if room sharing is ok for you or not.
> Registration:
> Registration deadline: February 29
> Some useful links:
> Kristineberg marine research station:
> Hotels within walking distance (Gullmarsstrand, Slipens):
> (link seems not to work for some people, 
> alternative: )
> Hoping to meet you in June!
> Patrick and Stefan

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