Hi all,

Now that ARTS 2.6 is out the door, the arts3-dev branch should become our main 
development branch.

Since arts3-dev has diverged so far from master, it would not be feasible to 
merge it cleanly.

Another issue I'd like to solve at this point is the fact that we're still 
using the name `master` instead of the current accepted standard `main`.

Trying to kill two birds with one stone, instead of merging, I'll rename our 
current branches as follows:

master -> v2.6.x
arts3-dev -> main

Since the target branch names are currently not used, this should work out just 
fine and not cause any issues in forks.

`main` will be set as the new default branch for the repository.

After the renaming is done, you have to remember to pull from the correct 
source branch when you update your local branches:

For updating your 2.6 based branches you would do `git pull --rebase upstream 
For updating your arts3-dev based branches, you would do `git pull --rebase 
upstream main`.

The renaming will take place tomorrow (15.3.) morning.


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