Dear All,

     Hello, sorry to bother you. I have one question about the simulation of 
inhomogeneous cloud using DOIT.   

     There are two demos about scattering in Atmlab, qarts_mcdoit_demo.m and 
qarts_scattering_demo.m.Suppose the cloud is homogeneous, the ice water content 
at the top and the bottom of the cloud is same, scattering properties and 
particle number density are calculated by

C.SCAT_DATA{1} = mie_arts_scat_data( Q.F_GRID, T_grid, rfr_index, theta, r );

C.PND_FIELD{1} = box_pnd_mono_size_1d( alt, iwc, r );

    Now if the cloud is inhomogeneous, the altitude isdivided into many grids, 
now I know the radius ‘r’ and ice water content ‘iwc’ at each grid. So, should 
I divide the inhomogeneous cloud into many homogeneous clouds? And how should I 
specify the altitude of the top and bottom of eachhomogeneous cloud?

    Best wishes!







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