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> sir,
> I am a  degree student, I wish to learn ARTS, can any one suggest me few 
> simple tutorials and user guides to start on.

You can find user guides and articles about the features on the ARTS homepage 


The ARTS source distribution contains a lot of example controlfiles that can 
help you to get started. For example, 
arts/controlfiles/artscomponents/clearsky/TestClearSky.arts shows how to do 
clearsky calculations in a 1D, 2D or 3D atmospheres.

> I installed arts by following the guidelines in ARTS website and 
> Features in this build: 
>    Numeric precision:    double
>    OpenMP support:       enabled
>    Documentation server: enabled
>    Zipped XML support:   enabled
>    NetCDF support:       disabled
>    Fortran support:      disabled
>    Disort support:       disabled
>    Refice support:       disabled
>    Tmatrix support:      disabled
> Why certain features are not enabled  can any one help me and please give me 
> valuable suggestions

The features that need Fortran are disabled by default. The source distribution 
contains a README file that describes how to enable them in the "OPTIONAL 
FEATURES" section. Depending on what you wanna do with ARTS you might not even 
need them.


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