Since it is hard to trust that the e-mails sent from my LTU account are
reaching everybody in the ARTS users list, I will, from now on, use my
Gmail account.

Thank you to those who helped out with my first problem.

Below is another short question I addressed to the community yesterday, but
I am not sure who received it or if anyone received it at all. If someone
did, my apologies for spamming again.

This time my question is related to the calculation of Jacobians for O3.

I am considering a no winds, no specific atmospheric background case and
the jacobianAddAbsSpecies in my control file is set as it follows:

*jacobianAddAbsSpecies(  g1=p_grid,  g2=gas1_jac_lat_grid,
g3=gas1_jac_lon_grid,  species="O3",  method="analytical",  unit="logrel",

When looking at the change in Bt in my plots, in what units the change of
O3 is being represented?

Best regards,

Rita Kajtar
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