Dear ARTS gurus,

I am trying to use ARTS's batch feature to do calculations for a range of 
values of sensor_los.

The relevant bit of my control file goes:

VectorSet(my_loses, [180,170,160,150,140,130])

    Print( ybatch_index, 0 )
    Print( sensor_los, 0 )
   ## Actual calculations including iyCalc go here

But I get an error in the Extract()  method which says:

Workspace variable belongs to the wrong group: my_loses is not ArrayOfMatrix, 
it is Vector

At the root of this is that sensor_los is a matrix, even though it has only one 
element. I have tried a few other combinations of creating a matrix instead of 
a vector and/or using Select() instead of Extract() to extract a value from it. 
Select() was no good because  ybatch_index is an index, not an array of index.

What am I doing wrong? How do I create a 1-D array of numbers which Extract() 
will extract a single value from? I am sure I am being really dim here :-(

Best wishes

Hugh Pumphrey

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