Hi Yuriy,

> On 19 Sep 2019, at 18:37, Goncharenko,Yuriy <yuriy.gonchare...@colostate.edu> 
> wrote:
> Hi Oliver,
>   I guess, I have found the origin of the issue:
>   I'm still in my home directory (/home/yuriy) after I did "git clone" and I 
> did not move to /home/yuriy/arts.
>   It means that mkdir -p build makes the directory /home/yuriy/build instead 
> of /home/yuriy/arts/build
>   Basically, to fix this, user should only run cd arts before making the 
> directory /build   

I've updated the instructions on the webpage and the README in the master 
branch to make that point clearer. Although this doesn't explain the error you 
were seeing initially about the missing include files either. Creating the 
build directory directly in home and then running 'cmake ..' inside it, cmake 
would've just straight up complained that there is no CMakelists.txt in the 
parent directory. :-)

>   Probably, the error below also linked to some folder mismatch.  
> Hopefully, it is not the end of the world (hopefully I could download all 
> pdfs from the website)  
>     make
> ! LaTeX Error: File `paralist.sty' not found.
> [snip]

The paralist package is not part of Ubuntu's texlive default installation:

➜ apt-cache search paralist            
texlive-latex-extra - TeX Live: LaTeX additional packages 

Install the texlive-latex-extra package to get ahold of the missing paralist 
package. I've tested this on 19.10, but it should be included in 18.04 as well.

> PS1: Just in case, This is the list of libraries required to compile ARTS in 
> Ubuntu 18.04. Hopefully it could save some time for other users.
>    libblas-dev, zlib1g, cmake, libnetcdf-dev, libnetcdff-dev, texlive, doxygen

We've been reluctant to add distribution specific package install instructions 
to our documentation in the past. The reason being the vast amount of different 
distributions out there and packages are named differently in different 
distros. But I can see your point that figuring out which packages need to be 
installed might not be straightforward. Adding a separate DEPENDENCIES file 
with that information is something we're considering.

> PS2: Could you include my address into the list arts-users mailing list to 
> get the access to arts_users.mi Archives? I tried few times but my 
> email/password is still inactive.

I've added you to the list now and you should've received a confirmation mail. 
There is also a searchable, public archive of the list available at:


Thanks a lot for your feedback.


> On 9/19/2019 12:11 AM, Oliver Lemke wrote:
>> Hi Yuriy,
>>> On 19 Sep 2019, at 00:36, Goncharenko,Yuriy 
>>> <yuriy.gonchare...@colostate.edu>
>>>  wrote:
>>> Hi Oliver,
>>>   it looks like the module path is set wrong. Basically, the source 
>>> directory is set
>>> as /home/yuriy/  instead of /home/yuriy/arts/
>> Great that it works now.
>>> I believe it happened because I use 
>>> cmake .. 
>>> (as it was suggested at the ARTS website) instead of
>>> cmake /home/yuriy/arts/
>>> (as it was suggested in CMakeLists.txt)
>> There must be something else going on because running 'cmake ..' after 
>> cd'ing into the 'build' directory worked on every configuration we have 
>> encountered in testing so far.
>> One more question concerning your setup (so I can reproduce it for testing): 
>> Are you using Ubuntu as a standalone Virtual Machine (vmware, virtualbox) or 
>> did you install the Ubuntu App from the Microsoft Store?
>> Thanks for pointing out this issue.
>> Cheers,
>> Oliver
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