Hi Simon, hi all,

> I might have expressed myself not very clearly but I remain convinced that
> the assertion
> is caused by the pressure retrieval grid. The smallest value in it is
> smaller than that in
> the pressure grid. This is similar but unrelated to the first error where
> the p_grid extended
> out of the range of the raw p_grid.
I see (I indeed misunderstood you before. Sorry.).

I agree, this then should be caught by an error (with a proper error

> Regarding covariance matrices: There is currently no extensive
> documentation for  covariance matrices
> but documentation of workspace groups is something that we are working on
> for the next release.
> Anyhow, the user in general does not have to worry about the inverse
> blocks if she doesn't want to set
> them explicitly.
The covmat_sx is output (as far as my little OEM knowledge goes). And as a
curious user, I of course like to know what is in my output/what's the
meaning of my output (and not just half of it. particularly when it makes
me getting unsure, whether I use the right part of this
larger-than-expected output variable) ;)
looking forward to the next release then! :)

Finally, there was another bug in the loading of the covariance matrices
> from xml files, which caused
> the behavior that you were describing. This one is fixed now in the
> development version of typhon.
Ok, thanks!


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