I’m currently trying to simulate measurements for the Ice Cloud Imager (ICI) 
that will be on board the EUMETSAT Polar System - Second Generation (EPS-SG) 
satellite using ARTS.
With the help of some of the controfiles in the classroom_exercises folder I 
was able to create clear sky ICI spectra. Now I’d be interested in adding 
clouds to my ICI simulations, but I’m struggling with the setup of the 
controlfiles. I downloaded the “StandardHabits” database but I couldn’t find 
any template to help me write the particle density number file that is required 
along with the scattering properties.
Would it be possible to have a sample pnd file and maybe also a controlfile to 
make sure I’m setting everything up correctly?
Thanks in advance for any help with this.

Paolo Veglio

Paolo Veglio, Ph.D.
Space Science and Engineering Center
University of Wisconsin - Madison
1225 W. Dayton St.
Madison WI 53706, USA

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