Dear radiative transfer friend,

We are pleased to announce a new workshop in the series of "ARTS workshops". You don't need to be an ARTS user or developer to participate, the workshop is open for all with an interest in atmospheric radiative transfer. There is normally a strong focus on microwave to infrared radiative transfer, but also other wavelength regions are of interest.

A novelty is that it will be possible to join remotely. Further information is 
found below.

The place is the same as last time, Kristineberg (about 100 km north of Gothenburg). Time for the actual workshop: June 9-11 (Tuesday morning to Thursday lunch). We will arrange transport between Gothenburg and Kristineberg. A bus will departure from Gothenburg around 14:30 June 8, and we are back in Gothenburg around 15:00 June 11. That is, you need to arrive to Gothenburg not too late Jun 8, and should have possibility to travel back home June 11.

The general goal of the workshop is as usual, that the ARTS user community (and also people working with other RT models) can meet, get to know each other, solve practical problems, and discuss the further development of the program. As always, we will have a limited number of talks, to leave time for group work and discussions. The present main development of ARTS is directed towards the release of ARTS3, planned for later this year, involving
- Overhauled line-by-line absorption calculations
- Better (and faster) representation of particles
- Scattering calculations across the spectrum
- Documentation and user examples
- Extending OEM retrievals (surface variables, multiple instruments ...)
but the workshop is not restricted to these topics.

If you are interested in participating, then please fill in the 
pre-registration form at

in order to allow us plan the program. The deadline for pre-registration is March 15. Since the available space at Kristineberg is limited, we have to limit the meeting to roughly 30 persons. If more persons are interested, it will be first come first served.

Kristineberg is a marine research station. The station offers full board and lodging, but the number of rooms is limited and most workshop participants will need to share double rooms. If you require a single room indicate this under Comments. Transport to/from Gothenburg is arranged at start/end of workshop. You only pay for room and food at Kristineberg. We can not yet give you an exact price, but it should be in the order of 300 euro for the entire time.

We also aim for making it possible to participate by video. The presentation sessions will be streamed, but it should also be possible to partly follow the group work. We will have equipment to remotely join one or two groups.

Please note, we really want to make remote participation possible, but we can not leave any guarantees and this option is so far on best effort basis.

If you plan to follow the workshop by video, send an email to

including this information:
- If you want to follow presentations
- If you would like to give a presentation: title + abstract
- If you will be interested in joining group work

Kind regards,

Patrick Eriksson,
Stefan Buehler
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