I am a new user of ARTS and I have a question regarding downloading
ARTSCAT-5 XML Files from the radiative transfer website. I downloaded the
three data files at
https://www.radiativetransfer.org/misc/download/stable/2.2/ and noticed
that they all contain ARTSCAT-4 data instead of version 5 (In the
spectroscopy folder under Perrin). I also noticed this same issue at the
I was hoping to locate the ARTSCAT-5 data since using the ARTSCAT-4 data
gives me an assertion error and a statement that I can only use ARTSCAT5

I am using Typhon for reading and writing routines for ARTS XML files. Thank
you for your time and assistance, I am happy to provide any additional
information about my error if further clarification is needed.

Kind Regards,
Frances Skinner
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