Hi All,

I had a question about how ARTS treats integrated water path ( IWP ).

My simulation setup:

I am trying to sense a cloud box , with the sensor looking forward. (i.e 
elevation 0 degrees). I am using ARTS with Atmlab.

My questions:

a).  How to calculate IWP/LWP (which is an input for ARTS) for the case of 
horizontal sounding of an extended cloud. Or how to use droplet density as an 
input instead of IWP.

b). Can i give IWP as an input for all elevations?  Does the radiative transfer 
calculations in these cases behave properly for off zenith and off nadir look 

As i believe  LWP = TPW for the case of nadir-zenith sensing of an entire 

LWP (Liquid Water Path)
TPW (Total Precipitable Water)


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