Hi Reno,

> On 9 Oct 2020, at 09:56, Reno Choi <renoc...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Oliver,
> Many thanks for the prompt response. Sounds like it's CTEST, not a compile 
> process.
> I followed your 1st test and showed 3 tests failed out of 71,
> 66 - arts.ctlfile.fast.artscomponents.helpers.TestRegridding (Failed)
> 70 - arts.ctlfile.fast.artscomponents.wfuns.TestSpectroscopy (Failed)
> 71 - arts.ctlfile.fast.artscomponents.cia.TestCIADerivs (Failed)
> Because of the following missing xml and data files, respectively.
> Cannot find input file: spectroscopy/cia/borysow/Borysow_CIA_JUICE_SWI.xml
> Cannot find input file: spectroscopy/PartitionSums/TIPS/tips.xml
> Cannot find input file: 
> planets/Earth/ECMWF/ERA40/SurfaceAltitude_ERA40_1.0Degree
> Full screenshot is attached in "arts_make_check_results.txt".

Since you're using the latest ARTS, you also have to make sure that you check 
out the latest arts-xml-data from our subversion repository. According to the 
path you specify in your cmake call, your still using arts-xml-data 2.2.5. You 
can check out the current arts-xml-data with:

svn co https://arts.mi.uni-hamburg.de/svn/rt/arts-xml-data/trunk arts-xml-data

> The 2nd test(make check-all) was carried out and 23 tests failed out of 225. 
> This is far better than my earlier report and almost all were due to missing 
> input files (Can you tell me where they are, btw?). The full screenshot is 
> also attached herewith as "arts_make_check-all_results.txt".
> One thing that caught my eyes was at "arts_convert" during the "make 
> check-all" process. It looks like arts' workspace methods are not well 
> understood in converting into Python. Is my understanding correct? and are 
> they to be examined before I use Pyarts?

The conversion script currently just tries to convert every .arts controlfile 
it can find. The once that are failing are outdated and will be removed. It's 
safe to ignore these conversion failures for now. They have no impact on PyARTS.


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