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yes, the differences between absorption models can be large at individual frequencies, so the value is not impossible. Maybe Alex, here on Cc, who is working at these frequencies and in this geometry could also comment?

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Dear Everyone,

I had some questions:

1. When I using line-by-line and MPM93(or PWR98) to calculate the brightness temperatures, the difference between the results can be more than 20 K at about 50 and 70 GHz in the nadir observation (especially when the reflectivity is large). Is this expected ? In other frequencies, such as 118 GHz, the difference is small.

2. when I using iy_surface_agenda in 2.4.0 (but it can be worked in arts 2.3), error will occur:

Run-time error in method: AgendaSet
The agenda iy_surface_agenda must generate the output WSV dsurface_rmatrix_dx,but it does not.

How can I solve it?

3. I extracted the scat data from the Single Scattering Databases. In the test controlfiles, the data is read as:


However, the data from the Single Scattering Databases can't be read by this method since the format is different. Should I use ScatSpeciesScatAndMetaRead instead?

Thank you very much. It is better if a demo contralfile could be provided.


Wenyu Wang
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