Hi everyone

I am trying to initialize the Zeeman effect in ARTS 2.4 using the updated qpack 
The molecule of interest is oxygen, the frequency range is around 52-53GHz (the 
rotational emission lines around 52GHz and 53 GHz).

I included the method "propmat clearskyAddZeeman" in the propmat clearsky 

However I strugle with setting the quantum numbers and constants. There is a 
Zeeman file in the xml Data folder. For me it seems that the required constants 
are stored there. The README tell me to use the methods:

- abs_lines_per_speciesSetZeemanCoefficients or
- abs_linesSetZeemanCoefficients

I checked the built in documentary, but still not understand how to use these 
For example I don't know in which workspace variable the information should be 
feeded in.

In Arts 2.2  I used readXML to read the file "Zeeman_constants.xml" (was 
included in xml data) and feeded the data in the Variable WSMS_AT_START.

Furhtermore there was an Zeeman demo in the older atmlab version. That was very 
helpfull and seems to be missed now.

Can anyone help me to set this constants? Just a few example lines would help.

Best regards

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