Hi Patrick/ Everyone,

Thanks, for the inputs .
I was able to clear some of the errors.

I have a couple more questions. It will be great to have some input on these.

1.)  How do I set "pnd_agenda_input_t"?. Is the name "Temperature" in bulk prop 
fields names enough to set this, or should I set this explicitly?

2.) Can the particle temperature be different from the atmosphere temperature 
around it?

3.) I have no problems with running psdModifiedGammaMass, while running it. But 
while running psdModifiedGammaMassXmean, I get this error.

Exception: Call to ARTS WSM pnd_fieldCalcFromParticleBulkProps failed with 
error: Run-time error in agenda: pnd_agenda_array
Run-time error in method: psdModifiedGammaMassXmean
Negative mean sizefound.
This is not allowed.

My inputs are
Dmean = 1e-3.
n0 = -999
mu = 2
la = -999
ga = 1

Could I know why this error occours ?

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Hi Renish,

Yes, this part is a complex and could need some more examples. However,
this part will be modified in a big overhaul of the handling of
scattering properties that Simon is working on and this makes us all a
bit reluctant to add examples right now.

> 1.)  So, the "Mass_content" , "Xmean" and "Temperature" are the only
> fields that I need to provide in the particle_bulkprop_field?

This depends on the PSDs you are using. In TestScatSolvers.arts this
field holds IWC and RWC, which are sufficient for the selected PSDs, but
if you want to use psdModifiedGammaMassXmean, you need to include data
on the mean size.

> 2.) Do I need to set the pnd_agenda_input manually , or does it take
> values from the Bulkprop_fields?

No, but you need to link the naming in particle_bulkprop_field to the
pnd_agenda_input. In your case it could look this

ArrayOfStringSet( pnd_agenda_input_names, [ "IWC", "Dmean" ]

> 3.)  Are there other examples for this method that I can refer to?

Which method? (But the answer is likely anyhow no)

> 4.) Also, when I run the example "TestScatSolvers.arts" modified to use
> PSD from psdModifiedGammaMassXmean(). I get this error
> Exception: Call to ARTS WSM pnd_fieldCalcFromParticleBulkProps failed
> with error: *scat_data* and *scat_species* are inconsistent in size.

The scattering data in TestScatSolvers.arts cover both IWC and RWC. if
you have changed and just work with one hydrometeor type, you need to
modify the scattering data accordingly.

I hope this was of some help,

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