Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the suggestions.

=> I tried to check if Dmean was set to 0 value anywhere in the Bulkprop_fields 
when using "psdModifiedGammaMassXmean()" . The only place it is '0' is at the 
border of the cloudbox and outside the cloudbox.
=> This is how "pnd_fieldCalcFromParticleBulkProps()" expects to be set as 
given in the documentation.
=> When I try making the border values a positive non-zero value. It gives me 
this error.
Exception: Call to ARTS WSM pnd_fieldCalcFromParticleBulkProps failed with 
error: *particle_bulkprop_field* allowed to contain non-zero values only inside 
the cloudbox.

=> So, this looks to me like a bug that if I make borders zero valued then 
"psdModifiedGammaMassXmean()" would have a problem, else if I make it non zero 
    "pnd_fieldCalcFromParticleBulkProps()"  will give me problems.
=> Am I thinking this right?

=> Would you recommend me to change the source code in "PSD.CC" and change line 
321 "if (ext_pars[1] <= 0) " and remove the "=" sign and build ARTS.
Would this be a fix to the problem?

Renish Thomas

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> 1.) So, if I must set the scattering particle temperature to an arbitrary 
> value after
> calling "pnd_fieldCalcFromParticleBulkProps", do I just override and assign
> 'pnd_agenda_input_t".

You got me wrong. You don't need to do anything. pnd_agenda_input_t is set 
where needed.

> 2.) Can the particle temperature be set different than the ambient 
> temperature?

Hardly. You can in principle try to "hack" pnd_agenda to set it to some other 
value. But
why do you want to do it?

And please note that the psdModifiedGamma PSD-s do not even have a temperature 
So in this case I really don't see any reason.

The temperature also comes into play when interpolating scat_data, but that is 
handled by
another part of ARTS. And over there, there is no option beside using the local 

> 3.) Do you recommend me to use internally generated PSD for MC or set it 
> externally?

What you have started should work. So continue on this track.

(The alternative is to set pnd_field already in Python. Then you can ignore
particle_bulkprop_field ad pnd_agenda etc.

I can also mention that the PSD system in ARTS v2.5 soon will change. Simon is 
making a
complete revision of the handling of particles.)


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