Hi Renish (hopefully getting your name right this time),

The clear-sky jacobians are up to date and are fully general. Can be used for any observation scenario. (ARTS was started around limb sounding so this has been the case since start)



On 2021-02-04 10:48, Thomas,Renish wrote:
Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the information on the scattering jacobians.

Are the clear sky jacobians fully functional in ARTSv2.5?

Meaning, are they only to be used with nadir and zenith viewing geometries? or can they be used even for horizon viewing geometries when the sensor is inside the atmosphere?

Renish Thomas
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Jacobian calculations in ARTS we still see as work in progress and there
are strong restrictions. So we keep this so far a bit on the side.

In short, the only method that can produce Jacobians with scattering is
iyHybrid (that totally lacks documentation). This one only works in 1D
(as it using DISORT or RT4 in the background). In addition, the Jacobian
is approximative. It works both inside and outside of cloudbox.

Further, there have been some changes to the code and the exact status
of the method in v2.5 is a bit unclear. We will likely use it soon and
will then make some checks.

Sorry, but this is the status ...



On 2021-02-04 06:43, Thomas,Renish wrote:

Hi Everyone,

I had a couple of questions about jacobian calculations in ARTS.

The ARTS user guide in chapter 16 mentions that none of the scattering methods can provide jacobians, and currently only works in clear sky cases.

But, the ARTS built-in documentation shows the methods "jacobianAddScatSpecies" and "jacobianAddSpecialSpecies" .

So, my questions are:

1.)  Can the Monte Carlo module be used along with "jacobianAddScatSpecies" to calculate jacobians in a cloud box area containing multiple scattering species?

2.)  Can the above said method be used to calculate jacobians throughout the atmosphere in a scenario where some part of the atmosphere is cloudbox and rest is clearsky.

3.) Is there an ARTS method for 3D atmosphere to calculate the jacobians only along the line of sight of the sensor and not the complete atmosphere?, without defining the retrieval grid?


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