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note that using the lookup table may not be your best option for wind retrieval. The reason is that it can only interpolate between the precalculated values. If you calculate the absorption on the fly, the line will be Doppler-shifted, which is exact. You can achieve this by setting up propmat_clearsky_agenda accordingly. Depending on the details of your calculation, this could be a bit slower, but it could also even be faster (in case your line list is not very long).

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On 21 Apr 2021, at 7:59, Wenyu Wang wrote:

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I had a question about caculating the impact of winds by using lookup table in ARTS.

I use the larger frequency grid when generate the table, such as 3 GHz band, 0.5 MHz setp. However, when I caculate the y using the frequency grid with 1 GHz band and 1 MHz step, error messages occur as follow (But it is OK when I set the frequency step to 2 MHz):

Runtime-error in source calculation at index 0:
Run-time error in agenda: propmat_clearsky_agenda
Run-time error in method: propmat_clearskyAddFromLookup
Problem with gas absorption lookup table.
At least one frequency is outside the range covered by the lookup table.

The version of ARTS  is 2.4.0.


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