Hi Patrick et al,

on the same set of grids. That is, the idea is to use these functions
> first, before any size interpolation. This is at least indicated in the
> documentation of assp_interp_size.m.

> No time for me to dig into the Python code (and anyhow don't have the
> latest version at hand), and don't remember how closely Jana mimicked my
> Matlab interface.

Used to follow the Matlab implementation very closely. An assp_interp_za
exists. However, it's obviously nowhere applied (in the original Zenodo
published version; I did not check out newer ones).
The header of assp_interp_size states the need for common grids. Though I
agree, that's not very prominently, hence easily missed by a user and
definitely missed when not called directly by the user. Obviously,
assp_interp_size misses a proper check that this requirement is fulfilled...

I guess, back in the days all size instances of one habit had the same
number of angles, so it wasn't necessary to apply that (what speaks for
that is that an IconSnow.rssp file exists; and that had been created with
exactly the code that was published, ie without az-interpolation).

Isaac/Vasileios - get_assp hence needs to be extended with a call of
assp_interp_za, in between the assp_import_ssdb and assp.assp_interp_size
(not deep enough into it anymore to judge whether exact location

In any case, Vasileios, thanks for caring for the code (and cleaning up
after me)!

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