(1998)). The values of the poly_order=0 are now quite small (mostly lower than 0.1K), however, I still only get positive values. Is that something that could be expected from the way the function "retrievalAddPolyfit" works maybe ?

No, there is nothing that promotes positive values. But you now get so small values that nothing to worry about. You get very consistent values for poly_order 1 and 2, despite that the tropospheric opacity varies quite a bit. That should be an indication on that receiver is stable and the baseline+tropospheric part of the retrievals is working well.

Would you have any tips on how to implement the retrieval of a single scaling parameter for a full water vapor profile ? I believe this is more or less what the CONTABS_DO parameter was implementing according to the first Qpack documentation ?

This you do by setting the retrieval grid to have a single point (e.g. 500 hPa) and set the corresponding covariance matrix to have size 1x1. A suitable value for it is maybe 1 (meaning a 100% uncertainty at all altitudes, fully correlated).


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