Hi Gian,

The AVHRR example is indeed currently broken. Thanks for reporting this.

Attached you can find two updated .arts files that you can drop into the instruments/avhrr folder.

Also attached you find a python plotting script that shows how the channel/view/profile data is organized in the ybatch output file.

Note that for realistic calculations you should replace the example catalog by a full catalog from arts-xml-data in avhrr_reference.arts lines 47-49.


On 6 Jul 2021, at 08:11, gianluigi.libe...@artov.ismar.cnr.it wrote:

The file 'avhrr_reference.arts' contains the INCLUDE of this two files:

INCLUDE "/mnt/hgfs/Condivisa_VM-WIN/RTMS/ARTS/arts-2.4.0/controlfiles/instruments/hirs/hirs_general.arts"
INCLUDE "/mnt/hgfs/Condivisa_VM-WIN/RTMS/ARTS/arts-2.4.0/controlfiles/instruments/hirs/hirs_spectroscopy.arts"

that are not available in the expected directory neither in the whole .tar

Are these files available somewhere?

thank you

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import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import pyarts

y = pyarts.xml.load("./TestAVHRR.ybatch.xml")
views = pyarts.xml.load("./TestAVHRR.views.xml")

plt.plot(views, y[0][0::2], marker="o", label="Channel 1, Profile 1")
plt.plot(views, y[0][1::2], marker="x", label="Channel 2, Profile 1")
plt.plot(views, y[1][0::2], marker="o", label="Channel 1, Profile 2")
plt.plot(views, y[1][1::2], marker="x", label="Channel 2, Profile 2")
plt.xlabel("View index")
plt.ylabel("Brightness temperature / K")

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