Hi Gianluigi,

> On 14 Sep 2021, at 15:29, gianluigi.libe...@artov.ismar.cnr.it wrote:
> Hi,
> I was trying to converts the xml output of 'extract_arts_l137.f90' to ARTS 
> compatible data format ArrayOfGriddedField4 with the script:
> ./arts/build/src/arts 
> arts-xml-data/planets/Earth/ECMWF/IFS/Eresmaa_137L/ConvertCompactAtm_ArrayOfMatrix-to-ArrayOfGriddedField4.arts

The latest version (2.4.0) of arts-xml-data[1] already contains the XML files 
in the correct format. You don't need to run the conversion yourself.

[1] https://radiativetransfer.org/misc/download/stable/2.4/

> first the script call twice the method
> StringCompose
> that is not recognized so I substitute it with
>      StringJoin
> but it is not yet working and it gives me the following error

Thanks for pointing this out. We missed this when the StringCompose method was 
renamed. I've committed a fix for that in our svn.

> [snip]
> Cannot find input file: ./eresmaal137_all_ccol.xml.temp
> [snip]
> what should be in the file eresmaal137_all_ccol.xml.temp

The file is generated by the Fortran program extract_arts_l137.f90. But it 
needs the original ERESMAA profiles provided by NWP SAF as input. The original 
data is not included in arts-xml-data. As mentioned above, I don't think you 
need to do this. The manual conversion would just give you the same xml data 
files which are already present in that directory.


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