Hi Bi YM,

ARTS does not support reading re-analysis or model data directly from NetCDF 
files. The common workflow is to use a Python script to extract the necessary 
variables from NetCDF and convert them into the ARTS batch_atm_fields_compact 
format using PyARTS.

@all: Maybe someone on this list has already done this and happens to have an 
example script at hand to share?


> On 29 Oct 2021, at 10:14, b...@cma.cn wrote:
> Hi, everyone
>     I try to use ARTS in the simulation of satellite ovservation. For 
> importing data of background profiles in format of NetCDF, for example,  
> ERA-5 or NCEP files that include many variables´╝î how to read these data into 
> Regards,
> Bi YM

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