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First I want to thank you for keeping this project open source it is amazing.

I am trying to use the Standard Habits in the StandardHabits.tar.gz from the database for total random orientation already converted in ARTS format.
I am using arts 2.5 and pyarts.
When I try to load the scat_data_raw with both:
ws.ScatSpeciesScatAndMetaRead( ws.scat_data_raw, ws.scat_meta,'FullSet/EvansSnowAggregate.xml')
I get this error message:

XML parse error: Attribute type has value "SingleScatteringData" but "ArrayOfSingleScatteringData" was expected.
Check syntax of XML file

This happens not only with EvansSnowAggregate but also with the other habits that I tryied.

The same code works well when I load the Mie Liquid and Ice spheres scattering properties in "arts-xml-data-2.4.0/scattering". What am I doing wrong? I assumed that SingleScatteringData contains data of single scattering for a specific habit and size, while the ArrayOfSingleScatteringData should contain many sizes as is it in the standardHabits files.

Thank you,

Daniele Casella

Daniele Casella
Istituto di Scienze dell'Atmosfera e del Clima - Sezione di Roma - CNR
Area di ricerca di Tor Vergata Via del fosso del cavaliere,100
00133 Roma - Italy Tel. +39-06-4993-4337

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