No, met_mm does not support antennas. I just checked the code. Remember that we discussed antennas at some point, but don't remember if we had a plan for the antenna part. Can't say if it would be easy to add it. I am afraid that it could be complicated as we use antenna_dlos in a special way in met_mm. And going to 2D antennas I guess is out of the question.

Before I look at the details, can you explain a bit what you have in mind? to judge if met_mm is the right thing here? What will be critical for your simulations?



On 2022-01-06 17:51, Fox, Stuart wrote:
Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the pointer - I’d forgotten about the MetMM options and hadn’t considered that they might do what I need. However, I note that all the instruments in controlfiles/instruments/metmm/sensor_descriptions have the lines:

# Antenna is not supported for now

VectorSet( met_mm_antenna, [] )

Is this something that still needs to be implemented in ARTS, or have the controlfiles just not been updated yet?



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Dear Stuart, have you checked what is in the metmm folder? I think that's what you want.



    Am 06.01.2022 um 13:10 schrieb Fox, Stuart
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    Dear ARTS community,

    Is there a simple way to simulate a simple-AMSU-type sensor in ARTS,
    but including an antenna pattern? The documentation for
    sensor_responseSimpleAMSU says that it is only for pencil-beam
    antennas. Initially I simply want to use a 1D Gaussian response, but
    the FWHM beamwidth needs to be different for each of the channels
    defined in sensor_description_amsu.

    I’d appreciate any tips on the best way to do this!

    Thanks in advance,


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