Hello, ARTS Community,

I used arts 2.3 to generate gas absorption coefficient lookup table for o2, 
co2, etc. One key function was: "abs_linesReadFromHitran”. Now I need to 
revisit the calculation with HITRAN2020. I thought I would use arts 2.4, a 
newer version. After successfully compiling arts2.4, and run the same .arts 
file I used before (a modification of TestAbs.arts), arts tells me that 
“abs_linesReadFromHitran” is not available any more. I went over the 
documentation, and found “READHITRAN”. I tried the following:

ReadHITRAN( abs_lines,
        1.0e+15 )

arts reports:

"Run-time error in method: ReadHITRAN
Error parsing quantum number Sym”.

Is there any way we can read in HITRAN par file and create a lookup table? Do 
you suggest me going back to arts 2.3?

Thanks for your advice,


Pengwang Zhai (he/his/him)
Graduate Program Director, Atmospheric Physics,
Associate Professor, Physics Department, UMBC

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