Dear ARTS community,

In order to perform some sensitivity analysis on ozone retrievals, I would like 
to artificially modify some absorption lines parameters (e.g. line strength and 
frequencies) on the ozone line.

>From my understanding, this would be the goal of either ones the following 
>workspace methods:



which both require among a QI ("quantum identifier to match the line") 

If this is the case, I am not sure about what exactly is this QI and where I 
can find it (or set it) for a specific absorption line ?

I am using ARTS 2.4 (through pyarts) and am defining the spectroscopy by 
reading the Perrin_newformat_speciessplit/o3-666.xml.gz located in the original 
ARTS-xml-data folder (2.4) and then uning the 
abs_lines_per_speciesCreateFromLines() method.

Thanks for your help.



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