Renish and Freddy,

It is likely very long time since someone else used opt_prop_sptFromData!

Freddy: This method is most closely related to DOIT. I noticed that it is opt_prop_sptFromMonoData that is actually used by DOIT (for the version in main at least). Any comments about these methods? Should they still work in a stand-alone fashion?

Renish; That said, you should not get assert, but a proper error message. If you could send a complete example that would help to sort this out.



On 2022-02-18 06:03, Thomas,Renish wrote:
Dear ARTS Community,

I am experiencing some issues with extracting optical properties of scattering particles such as "ext_mat_spt <>" and "abs_vec_spt <>" using the "opt_prop_sptFromData <>" workspace method.

*The Runtime Issue*:

*=>* The python kernel crashes {"Aborted (core dumped)"} during runtime when the "opt_prop_sptFromData <>" method is executed.

*=>* I am encountering two types of runtime errors based on za_grid and za_index.

*=>* During traceback, the runtime errors seem to be caused by checks on "za_index" and "aa_index".

*=>* When za_grid or aa_grid is empty===runtime error=>
python: /arts/src/matpackI.h:509: Numeric ConstVectorView::operator[](Index) const: Assertion `n < mrange.mextent' failed.

*=>* When za_grid or aa_grid is not empty===runtime error=>
python: /arts/src/array.h:215: base& Array<base>::operator[](Index) [with base = PropagationMatrix; Index = long int]: Assertion `n < nelem()' failed.

*The Scattering Data:*

*=>* The scattering data is extracted from the "totally_random" scattering particles "LiquidSphere_TotRand" from the ARTS single-scattering properties database.

*=>*ws.scat_data.za_grid = array([0.0,0.2,.....,90,....,179.8,180]). Zenith angle grid from scat_data.

*=>*ws.scat_data.aa_grid= array([ ])  Empty azimuth angle grid from scat_data.

*My Questions*:

*=>* What could be the reason for the runtime errors?

*=>* Should I assign the same "za_grid" from "scat_data" when using the "opt_prop_sptFromData <>" method? or is the "za_grid" selection dependent on something else?

*=>* Should I leave the aa_grid empty as mentioned in the ARTS user guide for totally random particles when using"opt_prop_sptFromData <>"?. How would I do this without errors?

*=>* How do I select za_index intuitively? Should I loop through all elements or do all the index values give game results for "totally_random" scattering particles. An example or illustration would help. The lab and scattering coordinate transformation is making the selection of za_grid and za_index vague to me.

*Misc Info:*

*=>*ARTS Version: **arts-2.5.0
*=> * Pyarts

Thanks very much!
Renish Thomas

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