Hi Sisma,

The example comes with a pre-calculated lookup table in the exact frequency 
range of the example. If you change the f_grid, you need to re-calculate the 
lookup table. You can do this by putting the following snippet of code in 

VectorSet( f_grid, [183.31e9,183.32e9] )

doit_setup.arts, lines 65ff:


Also make sure to comment out the line where the example lookup table is read:

# ReadXML( abs_lookup, "testdata/testdoit_gas_abs_lookup.xml" )

Most of this is already present in doit_setup.arts at lines 65ff. Just note 
that I also added abs_lines_per_speciesSetEmpty and lbl_checkedCalc which are 
missing in the example. Also note that for simplicity, the example only uses 
full absorption models. It might be desirable to read absorption lines from an 
ARTS line catalog depending on the purpose of your calculations.

And finally, you also need to provide scattering particles that cover the 
selected frequency range. The example reads two files that are only defined for 
the frequencies used in the example code. I've replaced these with two Mie 
particles from arts-xml-data. I'm not experienced with the physics of 
scattering particles and these particles might not make sense to use here.

doit_setup.arts, line ~149ff:

                   "testdata/testdoit_pnd_field_1D.xml"] )

You need to adjust the paths above to the location of your arts-xml-data 

Hope this helps,

> On 15 Mar 2022, at 10:12, Sisma Samuel <sisma.sam...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, 
> I was trying to simulate the sensitivity of  SAPHIR frequencies (183.31GHZ). 
> I tried to run 
> /home/nizy/arts-2.4.0/controlfiles/artscomponents/doit/TestDOIT.arts
> To simulate for SAPHR frequencies by modifying doit_setup.arts
>  Frequency grid 
> # --------------
> # Note: The frequencies must be contained in the gas absorption lookup table.
> VectorSet( f_grid,183.31e9,1836.32e9] )
> but my output was
> This run took 0.06s (1.32s CPU time)
> Run-time error in controlfile: doit_setup_saphir.arts
> Run-time error in method: abs_lookupAdapt
> Cannot find new frequency 0 (1.8331e+11Hz) in the lookup table frequency grid.
> Stopping ARTS execution.
> Regards 
> Sisma
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