I was running Ubuntu 20.04LTS which only offers gcc 9 and clang 10. Upgrading 
gcc and clang on 20.04 was not possible (at least not easily). After upgrading 
to 22.10 which does provide gcc 11 and clang 14 I managed to install ARTS, but 
only using gcc. When trying to use clang as directed in "LLVM/Clang compiler" 
section on the gitpage there was an error:

"fatal error: instantiating fold expression with 2003 arguments exceeded 
expression nesting limit of 256"

Will try to run the line mixing module know.

Best regards


Von: Lemke, Oliver <oliver.le...@uni-hamburg.de>
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 14. September 2022 14:31:51
An: Krochin, Witali (IAP)
Cc: ARTS Users List
Betreff: Re: [arts-users] Temperature Retrievals of Oxygen emission lines with 
Zeeman effect and line mixing

Hi Witali,

That is indeed strange. Which compiler are you using? You need at least GCC 11 
or LLVM/Clang 13.


> On 14 Sep 2022, at 14:22, <witali.kroc...@unibe.ch> <witali.kroc...@unibe.ch> 
> wrote:
> Thank you very much for the support.
> After installing the master branch and running the 'make check' command, I 
> got a weird error message that read:
> [ 10%] Building CXX object 
> src/CMakeFiles/make_workspace_memory_handler_cc.dir/make_workspace_memory_handler_cc.cc.o
> In file included from /opt/arts-master/src/matpackI.h:102,
>                  from /opt/arts-master/src/methods.h:32,
>                  from /opt/arts-master/src/global_data.h:31,
>                  from 
> opt/arts-master/src/make_workspace_memory_handler_cc.cc:24:
> /opt/arts-master/src/matpack_concepts.h:4:10: fatal error: concepts: No such 
> file or directory
>     4 | #include <concepts>
>       |          ^~~~~~~~~~
> compilation terminated.
> I'm sure this file exists and my machine should meet the requirements as well.
> Reinstalling ARTS 2.4 worked fine before.
> Is this a known issue?
> Best regards
> Witali

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