Dear Patrick,

Thank you very much for your reply and reminding!

Best regards,
Shaofei Wang


On 10/24/2022 19:12,Patrick Eriksson<> wrote:
Dear Shaofei Wang,

rain-MPM93 works in a stand-alone fashion. That is, you can forget about

But please note that you have to be at very low frequencies (<10 GHz?)
to be in a situation where neglecting scattering by rain is a fair



On 2022-10-24 11:09, Shaofei Wang wrote:
Hi, all

    I want to use ARTS-2.4.0 to calculate the the absorption by
particles, not the scattering.

    In the arts user guide 6.5.8, it said that the ARTS method for this
is ScatElementsToabs_speciesAdd.

    If i want to use the condensate absorption models (e.g.,
rain-MPM93), whether i still need the method ScatElementsToabs_speciesAdd
or i just need the add "rain" to the abs_species, and read the rain
profile by AtmRawRead.
    I've tried the latter, and it does produce different results from
the clear sky, but I don't know if this setup is correct.

   Can anyone help this?

Best regards,
Shaofei Wang

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