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nevermind. The ppath_agenda was set to FollowSensorLosPath, which prolongs the path to the boundaries of the atmosphere. Now that I use TransmitterReceiverPath, the results look fine :)

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On 08.11.22 13:43, Conrad Roessler wrote:
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thank you for your fast response!
It seems that the path is properly configured (judging by writing ppath in an xml file at several points within the script) until ycalc is called. After that, it is set to 80 km instead of the desired value.
I set the sender and receiver position up like this:

# Postion and line-of-sight of sensor
VectorSet( rte_pos, [0,49,11 ] )
VectorSet( rte_los, [ 73.3, 24 ] )
VectorSet( rte_pos2, [3000, 49.1,11 ] )
WriteXML( output_file_format, ppath, "results/ppath.xml")

Which yields the expected path. However, once ycalc is called, the ppath starting height is back at 80 km again and changing rte_pos2 doesn't seem to affect that.

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On 08.11.22 12:04, Patrick Eriksson wrote:

Please note that the ppath points are listed starting at the side of the sensor. If the sensor is outside the atmosphere, the first point will be at the top of the atmosphere, i.e. 80 km in this case. If you look at the last ppath point, it should be at 3 km.

If you mean that you get more or less the same result when changing ppath_lmax (and/or ppath_lraytrace), that is a good sign. This means that the propagation path is sufficiently resolved.

I hope this answered your questions.



On 2022-11-08 11:34, Conrad Roessler wrote:

I played a bit around with the script under arts/controlfiles/artscomponents/transmission/TestTransmission.arts.

What I want to do is to simulate the spectral resolved transmission between a point somewhere in the atmosphere and a receiver on ground (line-by-line transmission is taken from HITRAN and the atmospheric model is just a generic mid-latitude summer one). For this, I set rte_pos2 to the position of the sender and rte_pos to the position of the receiver. I then use ppathFromRtePos2 in order to get rte_los.

At the end of the script I added WriteXML( output_file_format, ppath, "ppath.xml" ).

The propagation path still starts at about 80 km height although the height of rte_pos2 is set to about 3 km and the transmission returned within iy seems to be independent of the propagation path length. What might I be doing wrong?

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