Yes! I can use my own pnd_field. No problem. Thank you!


On 15.12.2022 18:39, Patrick Eriksson wrote:

Thanks Oliver, I looked in the wrong function!

Hm, it seems that I forgot about fixing the full chain for the mono
PSDs, and that nobody has tried to use them until now. My mistake is a
bit shameful, but I feel reluctant to fix it now, as the present PSD
system hopefully will be replaced soon.

Vito, it seems that you already have considered generating pnd_field
yourself. I hope you can live with this solution for the mono PSD. If
you get confused about the cloudbox limits, you can try to use
pnd_fieldCalcFrompnd_field_raw. That method will adjust pnd_field to
the selected cloudbox.



On 2022-12-15 07:51, Lemke, Oliver wrote:
Hi Patrick, hi Vito,

On 14. Dec 2022, at 20:04, Patrick Eriksson <patrick.eriks...@chalmers.se> wrote:

Append( scat_species, species_id_string )
Append( pnd_agenda_array_input_names, pnd_agenda_input_names )
But the error message is that:
The method requires that length of *psd_size_grid* is >= 2.

I must ask what ARTS version you are using? In the version I have on my computer it looks OK. At least, I can not find this error message.

Tbe check does exist in ARTS master as well as 2.4. It's the first check in pndFromPsdBasic in m_microphysics.cc.


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