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>Matt England wrote:
> >
>See Section:
>-- SNIP --
>17.1.4. Images
>Inline images are inserted into the output document using the image
>macro. The inline syntax is:


Has anyone had success with reference the <target> to a 
svn/webdav/web-relative target such that something like:

can reference an image that could be found in the subdir of:

in "real time"?  (Note that these references come from the source file: 
<>, and this is, of course, a 
non-working example.)

It would be nice to be able to reference the html content, with the 
embedded images, directly from a svn-webdav html link, and that reference 
still works from a Subversion/CVS (or similar file-control tool with a web 
interface) trunk, tag, or branch (using relative refs to the document).


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