I want to put the TOC in a non-default position similar to what I want to 
do with the date below.

eg, in MediaWiki markup, I can write "__TOC__" to put the table of contents 
wherever I want.  I'm looking for something similar in asciidoc.

I suspect this is somewhere in ther user manual; alas, that doc is rather 
long and complex and hard to quickly interpret by this new asciidoc 
user...but I still try to decipher it as much as I can.  It looks like a 
great comprehensive reference, in any case.  (A little friendly, common-faq 
summary might be a nice thing to have, too.)


At 1/21/2007 01:56 PM, Matt England wrote:
>I currently generate my .html docs using:
>    asciidoc -a toc <source-file.asciidoc>
>How can I get the timestamp, which appears at the bottom of the page by
>default, to appear somewhere at the top or near the top of the page?

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